About us

BridgeAsia is a management consulting firm and a provider of technology and business solutions through our partners

Our History

The BridgeAsia Group has been bringing proven, world-class expertise and technologies to Asia for over 30 years, helping Asian-based companies achieve their strategies in an accelerated manner

Starting from energy and basic materials, the Group has expanded into paper and printing and, more recently, telecommunications 

Our Asian-based expert team have worked with our clients to adapt the knowledge and expertise to their unique situations, helping them avoid costly missteps, build capabilities in critical areas, and focus on generating results

Though our mandate often comes from the top – board members, C-level executives, or top management – we work with the entire client team to drive sustainable impact

We value long-term, win-win relationships with our clients and partners and are fully committed to delivering the best services and solutions

Our Belief

We feel that many companies have good strategies and transformation aspirations to create shareholder value

However, companies often face significant implementation challenges and execution capability limitations across people, process, or technology dimensions

Our experienced team and partner network can help address these challenges and limitations through filling in the gaps selectively or providing tailored, end-to-end solutions  



BridgeAsia is committed to the principals of good corporate citizenry; we encourage our people to participate actively in the local and global communities

Paul Anthony Bonenfant Memorial Scholarship

Recently, BridgeAsia contributed to the Paul Anthony Bonenfant Memorial Scholarship, established in 2011 to raise USD 190,000 to enable undergraduate students enrolled in engineering and/or physical science programs to attend semester-abroad programs offered through their college/university. The goal of the scholarship is to provide international experience to students as they prepare for professional lives that promote global engagement and collaboration

Paul was a friend and dedicated member of the OFC/NFOEC Technical Program Committee and a speaker/panel member at OFC/NFOEC for many years.  For more information on the scholarship, please click Paul Anthony Bonenfant Memorial Scholarship

Tipco® RS:X Youth World Championships 2008

In 2009, BridgeAsia was a sponsor of the Tipco® RS:X Youth World Championships 2008, an international windsurfing competition held on 10th to 19th January 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand. More than 60 young competitors, representing the pre-Olympic teams from 30 countries, participated in the event

Supporting the event reflects our commitment to promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, and driving optimal investment for our future generations

A special thanks goes to our people for their participation; and congratulations to all the participants of the Tipco® RS:X Youth World Championships 2008

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